Since 2009 DG Composites has been busy designing and producing wind wings. Back then we had been asked to develop a rotor blade for a 10kw wind turbine. First we laid out a 6m wing with a modern structure and new aerodynamics. Together with the prototype construction and certification, we were then able to realize an innovative manufacturing method. While the quality is above the ordinary we can always guarantee a short cycle time.

The weight of the blades manufactured in a standardized process for example varies by only 1%, and their high precision fabrication facilitates a trouble-free mounting on the rotor hub; no reworking necessary.

What’s more, we have manufactured particular production tools, equipped with an electronically supported integrated heat technology, for the series production.

Thanks to this construction method it is possible to assemble one blade per day. The resulting quick cycle time allowed us to produce almost 700 wind wings to date (as at the end of the year 2016).

Pictures taken at our production facilities:


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