Medical Interior for Business Aviation Redesigned by DG

Next evolution of DG’s Medwalls

Since 6 years we successfully develop ambulance interior made out of carbon fiber materials for our US partner SPECTRUM Aeromed.

One of the major standard products made by DG is the so called “Medwall”, which is a special part in the back of each patient transport unit to carry important medical devices. In comparison to Medwalls made from aluminum DG was able to improve load capabilities significantly at a lower structural weight. As a result, DG Flugzeugbau’s Medwalls now can carry more equipment and provide more clearance for doctor and patient due to its unique shape. The carbon structure with its integrated power lines, vacuum tubes and air pressure tubes guarantees high comfort, easy cleaning and a unique design.

Now we are able to present the next evolution of DG’s Medwalls. The latest version features a monocoque, full carbon design which reduces weight by 30%! Load-bearing capabilities stay as high as usual. Additionally we were able to optimize production. This way DG is able to provide a high quality, safe and reliable system for Spectrum Aeromed which keeps competitiveness on a very high level.

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